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Version 52 Release Notes & Status


E&P Version 52 Release Notes & Status

Release Notes


Mighty Pets

Nov. 3, 07:00 UTC – Nov. 7, 07:00 UTC

New Challenge Event: Mighty Pets

Stage Property: Magical Flutes

  • If matched in time, a Magical Flute Tile will summon a Happy Puppy Minion for a random Hero. A Happy Puppy Minion inherits 6% health and 6% attack from its owner.

  • If not matched in time, a Magical Flute Tile will summon a Grumpy Puppy Fiend for a random Hero. A Grumpy Puppy Fiend will damage its owner with 6% attack every turn, and disappear after absorbing an amount of healing equal to 6% of the owner’s max health.

Stage Property: Nap Time!

  • At the start of the turn, if any Hero has a Minion, there is a 50% chance for a random enemy to fall asleep.

  • At the start of the turn, if any Hero has a Fiend, there is a 50% chance for a random Hero to fall asleep.

  • Falling asleep has the following effects:

    • - A sleeping character cannot attack or gain mana

    • - All damage dealt to a sleeping character is increased by +50%

    • - A sleeping character wakes up once they take damage

      • NOTE: Damage from Minions or Fiends do NOT wake a sleeping character

New Mighty Pets Heroes


  • Hachiko

  • Toto

  • Furdinand

  • Bubbles

  • Chomper

  • Epic

    • - Cupcake

    • - Waddles

  • Rare

    • - Ribbit

    • - Rufus

New Mighty Pets Family

Family Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes:

  • Minions for this Hero inherit +2%/+3%/+4% extra health

  • Minions for this Hero inherit +2%/+3%/+4% extra attack

  • Fiends for this Hero absorb -2%/-3%/-4% less max health

  • Fiends for this Hero inherit -2%/-3%/-4% less attack

Mighty Pets Passives

  • Friend of the Familiars: When a Minion is summoned for any ally, this character gains 5% health and 5% mana. This effect can activate only once per turn.

  • Wrath of Pets: When a Fiend is summoned for any enemy, this character deals 85% damage to all enemies. This effect can activate only once per turn.

Classic Family Update

Will activate once all players update to Version 52

Our much-beloved Classic (Season I) Heroes will finally be forming a Family — and on top of that, they’re getting exclusive access to Superior Talents!

Classic Family Bonus

  • When 2/3/4/5 fully ascended Classic Heroes are teamed up, they get +1%/+3%/+5%/+7% Attack, Defense, and Healing

Superior Talents (activated when a Classic Hero’s final Talent Node is taken)

  • Barbarian: Superior Wounds

  • Cleric: Superior Manashield

  • Druid: Superior Companion

  • Fighter: Superior Revive

  • Monk: Superior Withstand

  • Paladin: Superior Protect

  • Ranger: Superior Pierce

  • Rogue: Superior Evade

  • Sorceror: Superior Delay

  • Wizard: Superior Jinx

Black Friday Summon

Nov. 23, 07:00 UTC – Nov. 28, 07:00 UTC

The Black Friday Summon is back — welcome to the biggest Summon Gate in Empires & Puzzles!

Special Black Friday Summon Bonus Chest:

  • Significantly improved chance to receive useful Ethers, Emblems, high-level Ascension Items, Trainer Heroes, and Food Bundles

This year’s Black Friday Summon does NOT contain:

  • Classic Heroes

  • Costumes

  • Myztero

This year’s Black Friday Summon DOES contain Heroes from:

  • ALL past Challenge Events

  • ALL past Heroes of the Month

  • ALL past Seasonal Events

  • ALL past Tower Events

  • Dunes, Underwild, Valhalla, Atlantis

  • Alliance Quest, Contest of Elements, Covenant of Champions, Tavern of Legends, War of the Three Kingdoms

  • …and more! (see below)

The 2022 Black Friday Summon will also introduce 3 new Heroes to the game:

New Masquerade Heroes


  • Fortuna

  • Jove

Masquerade Family Bonus

  • All Masquerade Heroes summon a Mask Minion for themselves at the start of a battle. Mask Minions inherit 20% health and 13% attack.

  • Bonus for 2 Heroes: Owning a Mask Minion grants +10% attack. This effect cannot be dispelled.

  • Bonus for 3 Heroes: Owning a Mask Minion grants +10% attack and status ailment immunity. This effect cannot be dispelled.

  • Passive: Cleanse on Minion Removal

    • Hero gets cleansed of status ailments when a Minion owned by them is destroyed

New Mystery Hero

  • ~ [a secret Hero whose very name is an enigma] ~

  • Mystery Family Bonus

    • - Bonus for 2/3 Heroes: +1/2 Memory Slots

    • - Myztero has become part of the Mystery Family

    • - The Mystery Family Bonus will be activated when the Black Friday Summon opens

Fated Summon

Will become available once all players update to Version 52

Each non-Legendary Summon you make will bring you closer to the Fated Summon

  • Daily Summons and Troop Summons do NOT charge the Fated Summon

  • Summons made with Epic Hero Tokens DO charge the Fated Summon

When the bar fully charges, you get to choose a Legendary Hero from a given list of Heroes

  • Please be aware that redeeming all Heroes on the list will not refresh it

Monster Lures

  • Monster Lures are coming to Valhalla Forever (Oct. 24 –) and Atlantis Rises (Nov. 14 –)

  • The amount of Orichalcum Seadragons that can be encountered during Atlantis Rises will receive an adjustment when the Monster Lure arrives

    • - No adjustment planned for this month’s Atlantis Rises (Oct. 17, 07:00 UTC – Oct. 19, 07:00 UTC)

Contest of Elements

[NEW] Bonus Trainer Heroes

  • Making 5 Super Elemental Summons now grants you 2 Bonus Trainer Hero Draws

  • Bonus Trainer Heroes may be of Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic rarity


Bleed rework

Added a new icon for “Barbarian” Bleed (the Bleed inflicted by the Barbarian Talent)

  • Barbarian Bleed will remain distinct from “regular” Bleed; the two Bleeds can be active in concurrence and will not override, refresh, or interact with each other

  • As before, when Barbarian Bleed is re-applied on a target that already has it, remaining damage from the previous Barbarian Bleed will be carried over and added to the new Barbarian Bleed as additional damage

The “stacking” type of non-Barbarian Bleed has been removed from the game

  • Heroes such as Rokkamush and Tyr now also inflict “regular” Bleed

    • - Rokkamush’s Bleed damage: 180 → 192 (max level; not Limit Broken; no Emblems)

    • - Tyr’s Bleed damage: 200 → 212 (max level; not Limit Broken; no Emblems)

  • As in the case of other damage-over-time ailments like Burn and Poison, “regular” Bleeds will always simply override each other

Flat damage values attached to Bleed will now properly scale with the Hero’s attack stat

  • Affected Heroes include Gnomer, Malin, Tahir

Stage rebalancing

  • Adjusted the difficulty of Covenant Quest stages

    • - Stages will now feel more like PvP Raid Battles

  • Lowered the difficulty for The Masquerade Quest from stage 8 onwards

  • Lowered the mana speed of the Season V Alpha Apis boss enemy and adjusted the difficulty of the Hard Mode stages the boss appears in


New anti-cheat measures

Added detection and prevention systems in response to a cheat involving Battle Item use

  • Keeping the game fair for our whole community is extremely important to us. Attempting to further abuse this cheat will be considered a serious Terms of Service violation. Please do not jeopardize your account by cheating.

Other improvements

  • Battle Info text for element change status effects edited for clarity

  • Certain section title in Battle Info panel edited for clarity

    • - Now clearly states that the effects listed come from other characters’ Passives

  • Description text for Hawthorn’s Special Skill edited for clarity

  • Description text for Winifred’s Passive edited for clarity

  • Items now list in greater detail where they may be obtained

  • Raid Tournament Rules are now also displayed in the Edit Team view

  • Status ailment cast by Nemesis now uses a new icon that better reflects its effects

  • Updated description text for where Food Bundles and Iron Bundles can be obtained

  • War Rules are now also displayed in the Ready to Battle view


  • Adjusted the coordinates of a Quest so it does not collide with others on the Quest Map

  • Akkorog’s Special Skill animation no longer behaves oddly when Akkorog is Blinded

  • Art revised for Hawkmoon (both original and Costume)

  • Black Knight (Costume) now uses the correct attack buff icon

  • “Boss wave” sound effect no longer missing from certain event stages

  • Common and Uncommon Heroes that are part of an active Raid Tournament Defense Team can no longer be consumed for training

  • Covenant Quest boss enemy Costume Skadi now correctly uses Iceberg Havoc (not Crush)

  • Dark Elemental Barriers no longer reflect status ailments if they are inflicted via Contagion (such as Rayne’s spreading Poison)

  • Description text for certain Path of Valor Daily Challenges edited for accuracy

  • Heroes no longer retain counterattack until the end of the turn when their Shu Minions are stolen by Gefjon

  • Heroes on Defense Teams now properly display as Chameleons when revived by Muggy

  • Level Up view no longer displays incorrect stats for Limit Broken and Emblemed Heroes

  • Nightshade’s name in our Norwegian and Russian localizations has been corrected

  • Noor’s Passive now properly triggers even when the rightmost enemy on a Defense Team resists a Minion summon

    • - Note: said Minion summon still must have created at least 1 Minion for another Hero

  • Odd spacings removed from the Japanese text for certain Special Skill descriptions

  • Opponent account name placement adjusted for iPhone 14 Pro devices

  • Stage Property: Divine Smite no longer incorrectly sends enemies into Ghost form

  • The “+% healing” Tower of Styx Blessing now works correctly

  • The “Heroes with less than % mana gain  HP” Tower of Styx Blessing now works correctly

    • - Text now correctly states that it activates once every 5 turns (instead of every turn)

  • The Moon Family Passive that dispels can no longer incorrectly bypass buff dispel immunity

  • Tower of Styx boss enemy Amphitrite now has correct % values in their Special Skill