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Announcing Legendary Troops!

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legendary troops announce

Heroic new Legendary Troops add a touch of class! 🎩

Convert Epic Troops to all-new Legendary Troops for even greater stat bonuses to squeeze some extra juice out of your Top Heroes, or breathe new life into your old favorites!

Legendary Troops boost the stats of the Hero on which they are equipped, and grant a bonus to mana generation. Additionally, each Legendary Troop is linked to two Hero Classes, e.g. Monk and Druid. Equipping a Legendary Troop on a Hero of a matching class will grant a passive effect and additional stat bonuses that stack with the base stat bonuses.

The arrival of Legendary Troops also brings a significant reduction in the resource cost of leveling up Epic Troops to help you reach those all-important break points faster, and unlock the Legendary conversion sooner.

The changes to Troop leveling will go live next Tuesday Dec. 19 at 10:00 UTC. This coincides with a massive 2-week giveaway of Troop-leveling resources in the Daily Streaks starting on Dec. 18 and Dec. 25.

We hope this will help you to level up your Epic Troops in time for the launch of Legendary Troop conversion on Jan. 2! 🎆

Thank you for your continued interest and support. Best of luck in the battles!