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2024 E&P Sneak Peek

KUN PÅ WEB: Hent gave!

Dear Community:

2024 is going to be a heck of a year! 7 years into Empires & Puzzles, and after more than 2 years of development, we're thrilled to be able to give a close-up sneak peek of Dominion of Dragons (working title), which will be releasing soon! We’ve written about it already, so this year we’re showing you what’s coming up:

We hope you'll also be pleased to see the return of global betas for Monster Island and Hero League, which will further spice up gameplay with novel goals and mechanics.

Looking back at the past year, we kicked off our birthday celebrations last year with the launch of the Museum building, along with our first ever Season of Love and Lunar New Year events.

From there, we went bigger and bolder with the introduction of Limit Break 2, Aether Powers, and the Path of Giants. With the epic conclusion of Season V, we took a break from the usual pattern of story seasons and revisited Season II to check out the darker side of Atlantis in the first chapter of Untold Tales.

Throughout the year, exciting new events brought a cornucopia of new Heroes into the game, including Masked Gods, Goblins, Opera singers and dancers, and Owls. We also debuted 5* Legendary Troops and dramatically reduced the cost of leveling 4* Epic Troops, which can be converted to 5*.

Finally, this was the year we turned our free giveaways up to 11:

  • weekly free gifts were replaced with the Daily Streak

  • the number and frequency of Mystic Visions were increased

  • Mystic Summon was added to multiple summon gates for a free pull

  • Higher tiers were added to the Mystic Tower, granting more valuable loot

  • we've now added redeemable gift codes to our official website!

And that's it for the 2024 sneak peek. Our development team are focused on getting the Dragons and beta features across the finish line, then they can turn their attention to inventing more new, innovative events and features for your enjoyment this year and beyond!

Thank you as much as ever for your continued interest and support!

Sincerely, Small Giant Games staff