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Mobile Push Notifications Global Beta

موقع الويب فقط: احصل على هدية!

Dear Community:

We're running a small test for a new feature — would you be interested in participating? Allowing mobile push notifications from the E&P Store between Nov. 7, 23:00 UTC – Nov. 9, 23:00 UTC will allow you to claim a special one-time gift of 300 Gems!

Please note that in order to participate in this beta test, you need to set Safari (iOS) | Chrome (Android) as your device's default internet browser. You can find more information on how to enable notifications on this page. Once you're done, you can go claim the gift here!

If you missed out on the one-time gift this time for whatever reason, please don't worry too much — there will be another chance in the near future for you to claim it.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. Best of luck in the battles!